Roboraptor Robot Raptor Dinosaur Roams (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Featured on Here's another good example of Mark Tilden's skill at robot design. The Roboraptor, introduced for sale in 2005, was surprisingly lifelike in its movements and actions, to the point that it could easily fool pets, like our dog Austin, into believing that it was real. One of the interesting design approaches taken with this robot was to incorporate a number of sensors that enabled it to interact with the environment around it. It could tell when you put your hand near its face, or it was approaching an object, and would growl or back away. It also incorporated microphone sound sensors and could change it's behavior. For example, in this video you can see it responding when Austin barks at it. You can also see it navigate around the room, and it even tries to attack a coat rack that it happens to touch in its travels. Although the Tilden creations, like Roboraptor, sold for $100 or more, the market was totally entranced by them, and they sold like hotcakes. Now, eight years later, either the market won't support that kind of pricing, or designers/manufacturers aren't delivering exciting robotic products that motivate customers to buy. My guess, is this the latter. People are still willing to pay a premium price if the product delivers on its promises. More than anything, a product like this has to make a immediate emotional connection with the customer. Tilden has been a genius in that regard. And, I really wish that he was actively designing and delivering products to the market today. We really need that kind of talent, insight, and creativity.
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