ROBO-ONE 22: Garoo Flyover (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Featured on - As a multiple winner of the ROBO-ONE championships, Garoo is an excellent example of the extremes that robot builders will go to excel at the sport. The robots frame and mechanical parts have been pared down to the absolute minimum because weight is a critical factor. They try to pack as much power and performance into the robot as possible while staying within the weight restrictions. Although they take meticulous care of the robot, you can see from some of the scratches and wear, especially around the knees, how much damage it takes during the matches. Garoo's electronics and servos are from Kondo Robotics. I'm sure that the company really values their experience and feedback to incorporate into new products. Since they use the top-of-the-line parts, designing a robot like this isn't cheap. A single high-performance servo can cost several hundred dollars, and the most competitive robots use from 15 to 20 or more servos. You really have to be committed and passionate to play at this level. One of the robots most effective battle tactics is to reach out and grab opponents by their ankles and quickly tip them over. The plastic shields around the robots ankles appear to be guarding against the same thing happening to it. Being able to maintain balance and stability yet still being able to move extremely rapidly is a big challenge. The soles of Garoo's feet are as long and wide as the rules allow, and include narrow contact strips on the bottom. The gripper design is particularly interesting because it utilizes two servos. That doubles the cost over a single servo design, but also doubles the power and speed. That makes perfect sense if you're 100% committed to winning. Technically Garoo and Chrome Kid are essentially the same robot design. The big difference between the two is in the fighting spirit and tactics of the operators.
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