NAO Robot plays TicTacToe with a pen & paper (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

NAO Robot plays TicTacToe against a human with a pen & paper. NAO uses a "mark less" vision analysis algorithm to: - Detect the board, - Track the board (with his head) - Analyze the game state (check who play next, if you won/lost/tie, game consistency, etc... - Wait for you to play, - Move his arm to the right position, - Draw a cross. The board doesn't have to be in a specific position, meaning you can move the board, change pencil color, or draw big or small circle, in any case, NAO will be able play as human do. NAO Behavior fully written within Choregraph v1.14
By franck calzada


One thought on “NAO Robot plays TicTacToe with a pen & paper (Video)

  1. Dear Mr.Franck Calzada,

    How to do this? How to make the vision recognition, the logic to play it and the hand movement? I just have Nao and want to do the same stuffs, please kindly teach me.
    Thanks a lot, take care and have a nice weekend!

    Sincerely Yours’


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