Frosty Stuns ROBO-ONE 22 Audience With a Lightening Fast Sprint (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Featured on Frosty has to be one of the fastest humanoid robots competing regularly in ROBO-ONE. Unfortunately he can sometimes be too fast for his own good. In some of the qualification rounds for past ROBO-ONE competitions he went so fast he fell off the track. But his builder wasn't about to let that happen again. After successfully passing the weigh-in and other preliminary checks to make sure that the robot complied with all the regulations, he stunned the crowd and judges alike with a lightning fast sprint. Everyone was totally amazed. Of course, being fast by itself isn't enough of an advantage to win the championship. We'll find out tomorrow in the ROBO-ONE matches if Frosty has as much power, stamina, and fighting spirit as he does speed.

Frosty's time totally blew away the competitors. Here are the top five times in seconds:

#1 Frosty - FrostyDesign - 4.66
#2 Automo 05 (Go-Wan) - Holypong - 6.88
#3 KingKizer - MARU Family - 8.96
#4 YOGOROZA - 11.31
#5 Thunderbolt - LIGHT FOOT - 11.74

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One thought on “Frosty Stuns ROBO-ONE 22 Audience With a Lightening Fast Sprint (Video)

  1. Fantastic! Thank you for the coverage. I really like the voiceover narrative, too — much better than just putting the videos to music, as many people do. And including the text of the narrative in the video description must be really helpful for viewers who are not native English speakers.

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