Datacenter (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Data Center energy efficiency & sustainability is getting industry wide attention and becoming an imperative. EMC takes sustainability very seriously. Every year, the innovation showcase invites new ideas for sustainability at EMC. The robot is an offspring of Innovation showcase. This idea is to build a low cost platform to monitor environmental parameters in a data center. We initially planned to take an arduino with DS18B20 temp sensors around & build a temperature map of the data center. But we need to take care of the indoor location information as well with this method. That looked tedious & error prone. It is a good thermal detector but not good to build a thermal map. So we brainstormed with our team and some one joked about putting it on a Roomba & driving it around. The idea looked frugal because either you can put hundreds of sensors in your data center or take few sensors & walk around. Both are different in technical perspective but the later approach which is very low cost & good enough for quick data center cooling fixes. We brainstormed a bit on individual systems to build such a robot. We identified off the shelf components for each sub-system. We selected iRobot create for driving platform, arduino for sensor interfacing, DS18B20 temp sensors, Webcam for remote navigation and a netbook for Wifi connectivity. Robot BoM : Windows Netbook USB Webcam iRobot create with Advanced Battery Pack Arduino UNO DS18B20 Sensors PVC pipe Pipe Holder fixed to iRobot base iRobot control cable + serial - USB convertor Total cost : 200$ (without laptop) Team Contacts: Vivek -, Twitter : @srinivasvivek Ravi - Facebook: Arun - Facebook: Maddy - Facebook: EMC - , Twitter: @EMC_India Please contact us for the source code & building instructions For more details refer to
By Arun A T


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