Dancing Face Stand for the iPhone (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

At the Tokyo Gift Show this week, Takara Tomy is demonstrating the Dancing Face Stand for the iPhone. The iPhone slides into in a slot at the top of the stand just above the built-in speaker in its belly. It's self-contained, meaning that it has its own battery and doesn't draw any power from the iPhone. And it's built in microphone picks up sounds that trigger the dancing motions. One of the things that makes it really unique and interesting is the iOS app. The app animates faces that you import from photos -- say of yourself, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your boss, or favorite character -- causing them to shift their eyes around and have different facial expressions. There also overlays to change their hairstyle, give them glasses, and other things. It looks like a fun gadget to play with and will come in your choice of three different colours white blue and red. The company expects to release it to the market in mid-June this year at a suggested market price of ¥3465. Of course the major retail chains will discount the price by at least 10 or 20%. For more information visit http://www.robots-dreams.com
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