Naovatar – Grove Scene – Global Game Jam 2013 (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

This is the intro to our game for Global Game Jam 2013. NAO is your avatar for a giant mechatronic NAO that you've sent to another planet to rescue the Professor. The game is an interactive story inspired by text-based adventures, with NAO narrating what he sees. It features a world you can explore through voice interaction, and includes word and music puzzles. GGJ features: - We used the heartbeat as our uplink to the character we're rescuing - 6. I'm Board: Puzzles inspired by Scrabble and Simon - 12. Approved for all audiences: No violence - 13. Inclusive: Accessible to visually impaired players Design and programming: Angelica Lim Design and writing: Ben Humphreys Music by Thompost.
By Angelica Lim


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