Aquaponics Quad Head Design – 3D Printing (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Using 3D printing to design and manufacture a quad head for the siphon used in the Japan Aquaponics Micro system. The design goal was to increase aeration of the water exiting the siphon and create more of a current in the fish tank, while avoiding any restriction of the water flow. The design process took about 30 minutes plus another 35 minutes to print the part on a Tantillus RepRap 3D printer. The quad head was printed in PLA, since PLA is food safe and won't leach chemicals into the system. Print layer height was 100 microns.
By tempusmaster


One thought on “Aquaponics Quad Head Design – 3D Printing (Video)

  1. This is an amazingly simple and useful application for a 3d printer. Frankly, I’m tired of watching this new technology being used for printing trivial items like Start Trek figurines, plastic wrenches, etc. I hope this trend will change soon for the better.
    I’m also all for the sustainable development and green living, so seeing a part having been designed and prototyped for an aquaponic system makes my heart pound, LOL. Thank you!

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