Make: Believe // Making Movie Miniatures with Fon Davis (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Tune in to MAKE's new series about the people who bring fantasy to life. We will spotlight miniature-making, sculpting, molding, figure-modding, latex mask-making, and much more with tutorials, interviews, reviews, and good stories. Fon Davis has been working for over two decades in tv and film, creating amazing miniatures, models, production design, drafting, fabrication, and more recently writing and directing. Fon is the creator and a co-writer on MORAV and Lee's Chinese Robot Shop. Fon's first feature film work was Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Since then, he has worked on over 30 feature films including blockbusters like Starship Troopers, Pearl Harbor, and the Star Wars and Matrix series.
By makemagazine

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