Robots on the Move (GE TV Commercial) (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

The robots are coming out of the woodwork to attend a mega-summit at an unknown location. A star-studded group that includes Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation), B-9 (Lost in Space), K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider), and Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet) has gathered to get their first glimpse of the next generation of artificial intelligence -- the "brilliant machines." The robots want to a firsthand look at the technology that will make machines work better and smarter. Join them to see how the new products from GE are integrating innovative technology with the ability to communicate, making the world work in ways never seen before. Join the revolution. Credits: STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION is owned by CBS Studios Inc. Used under license. Knight Rider is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved. TM & © Turner Entertainment Co. (s12) Robot B-9™ from "Lost in Space"® is ©Space Productions, Inc. Licensed by Synthesis Entertainment. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Robots on the Move (GE TV Commercial) (Video)

  1. No johnny 5. Odd. I figured with all the others they wouldn’t have missed him. Couldn’t acquire the license I guess (or didn’t try hard enough).

  2. The Johnnys that survived are not operable. We shot that commercial two weeks befor it aired and there was no time to get and make operable one of the Johnnys. If it is any consolation, Eric Allard (the guy that built #5) and one of the original builder/puppeteers (me) were on the shoot with the robot that got Eric the Short Circuit project. It was the hitch hiker with the big eyes.

    1. That’s actually very informative and a neat bit of trivia. Thanks for sharing that. Now I look at the big eyed hitchhiker bot in a whole new way; Johnny’s ancestor! Cool!

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