ATTACKNIDS by Combat Creatures – The Ultimate in Battling Robotics – Official Commercial (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

THE TOP BOYS TOY THIS CHRISTMAS! This year Wow! Stuff release their new must have toy, Attacknids. These battling robots have been in development for the last eight years and went viral earlier this year when inventor Jaimie Mantzel's video 'The Greatest Toy in the Universe' reached over 2 million views in three days on YouTube. Since then the demand for the product has been massive with tens of thousands of people already requesting the toy. The Attacknids will be the first product in the Combat Creatures brand. This six-legged battling machine features attachable weapons that fire up to 30 feet and a full 360-rotating head for ultra maneuverability. Each Attacknid comes with Bolt 'N' Battle Combat Armor that explodes off on impact and a Battle Brain that when hit three times during a battle disables the robot leaving one Attacknid standing! This makes for some pretty awesome game play that's never been seen in a toy before. -- COPYRIGHTS -- Combat Creatures developed by Wow! Stuff ( Co-Invented with Jaimie Mantzel ( Video produced in-house by Wow! Stuff © China Industries Ltd, 2012 All Rights Reserved
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