LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9 (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Lego Great Ball Contraption (GBC) in my house. my own 17 modules tracking the blue and red balls. running at 1.0 balls/sec 500 balls size : 1.5m×6.5m path length : 31m construction time : 600 hours my blog 1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28) 2. zigzag stair 3. zigzag lift 4. pneumatic (sometimes spilling balls) 5. cup 6. screw T1 7. basket shooter 8. mechanical train (lack of reliability) 9. screw T2 10. screw T3 11. spiral lift T2 12. elevator & coaster (coaster inspired by Hidaka's ball rolling) 13. fork 14. spiral lift T1 & step 15. catch & release 16. belt conveyor & pinball 17. 5-axis robot S750
By akiyuky


3 thoughts on “LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Layout 2012.9 (Video)

  1. This is in some guy’s house!? Geesh! What kind of house does this guy have?

      1. Well, as so many others noted within the youtube comments, “so this is what retired engineers do with their time (and money)”. I don’t know if they’re actually retired or a professional engineer but still … It would take me five lifetimes to come up with the time and ingenuity to make something like this (not to mention a few more lifetimes to save up for a place to put it in).

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