Accessing Thingiverse RSS Feeds

thingiverse rss feeds

Thingiverse, the design sharing site, is pretty amazing but is still in its infancy as far as being user friendly and feature rich. One of the features that it is currently missing is the ability to follow Thingiverse users as they upload new designs or print new parts. There are quite a few friends and fellow designers on Thingiverse, but I don't want to be bothered going back to the site regularly to find out if they have uploaded something new. Unfortunately ,Thingiverse doesn't have a 'follow' function and doesn't have RSS feeds easily discoverable on its webpages.

However, it turns out that RSS feeds are enabled on the website, you just have to know where to look. Go to the Thingiverse webpage for a user that you want to follow, then look at the webpage source. In the webpage <head> section you'll find several lines that look like this:


That's the RSS feed link for the user. Add different parameters after the URL, like "/things", "/made" or "/likes" to create the links for things that they have designed, made, or like. Add the feeds to your RSS reader, and you're in business.


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