3D Printed Humanoid Walking Robot

Walker 1

When I visited Makerbot Industries last month I came away with some of the windup walker mechanisms for a special project I have in mind.

The first step was to create a 'negative' model of the space needed by the walker mechanism. That took a few attempts, but finally I managed to get the dimensions and geometry close enough to be functional.

Walker 3

Then I modeled a shell for the robot. In this case it was extremely simple - just a proof of concept. Once I had the shell modeled, I subtracted the negative model, exported the STL, sliced it using Slic3r 0.8.2 (corrected 8/2/2012), and printed it on my Tantillus RepRap printer.

Walker 2

The print turned out very well and only required some minimal cleanup to remove a few stringers inside the shell. The walker mechanism slipped in perfectly the first time, and the robot was off and walking.

Now I can get creative and design some shells that actually look like a robot. :)

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  1. 0.8.4? I hope not, it has a bug that adds perimeters in the wrong places making the outside dimensions wrong which would be why you had to make a few attempts.

    • You’re absolutely right. I used 0.8.2. That will teach me not to make blog posts after midnight. :D

      The reason that it took a couple of attempts at modeling was that initially I tried to use the negative STL from Thingiverse. Unfortunately I’m not experienced at modifying STL files, so I kept running into problems. Finally I decided it would be much easier just to create a negative solid model from scratch. That worked fine.

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