SavvyBot – The Social HRI Robot (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

RoboSavvy is developing a clever robot platform called SavvyBot that can interact with humans by utilizing information taken from their social network and the web. SavvyBot is a platform for Human-Robot interaction. In its center is a humanoid robot that interacts with people as they pass by, providing entertainment and useful information. It is designed for continuous operation in a company lobby or permanent exhibition. Interaction with a person spans over several minutes and aims to be surprising, entertaining, engaging and useful. It involves interaction through voice, gesture and touch. The robot's intelligence is largely due to clever use of online services such as chatterbot, face recognition, business card OCR, social network, news, business intelligence, text mining, text/video/music search etc.
By RoboSavvy


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