King Kizer Can Knock Your Block Off – Literally (Video)

king kizer

Nao Maru's ROBO-ONE champion robot, Great King Kizer, caused a real stir after it earned the Best of Show award at RoboGames 2012 last April. Ever since he brought home the Gold Medal, Maru has received endless questions about his design and competition strategies.

One of the most frequently asked questions, especially from the foreign press, was, "How hard can King Kizer actually punch?* Never one to duck a challenge, Maru decided to King Kizer's power is just as strong as human karate fighters several times his height and weight.

Via: King Kizer Videos


3 thoughts on “King Kizer Can Knock Your Block Off – Literally (Video)

  1. He didn’t show the back side of the plate. I suspect it was cut down the center on the back side to the point of leaving <.25mm of steel so that it could be knocked perfectly in half when hit without the viewers knowing the whole story.

    1. It’s actually a ceramic roof tile used on upscale Japanese houses. I’m sure it wasn’t cut or tapered with in any way. Karate experts here break them in exactly the same fashion. It seems like the sudden shock/stress of the blow fractures the tile. If the impact is too slow they won’t break cleanly.

  2. The robot reminds of the mecha animes shown in the TV. I never thought that they can also act like martial artists.

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