Evolution Of Dance by NAO Robot (Video)

Here's a robot video that I found interesting:

Evolution Of Dance by NAO based on Judson Laipply show animated by Valentin Join the community: http://aldebaran-robotics.com/
By TheAmazel


2 thoughts on “Evolution Of Dance by NAO Robot (Video)

  1. Impressive but it seems to be only pre-programmated movements. The robot does not keep its orientation toward the camera and its position on the table. In the middle of the film, someone even reorient the Nao. A fully robotic dancer would adapt its moves in order to keep its position and orientation dynamically …

    1. True. The slippery table surface did allow it to slide a bit. Nevertheless, it’s the best of any robot dancers at this point in time.

      One thing that you may not have realized is that NAO actually samples the audio and adjusts to keep in rhythm during the performance.

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