Summer Ice Treat Transformer Robot Announced

Just ask any child and they will tell you that "Transformers are robots in disguise", and what could be better disguise for summer than a popsicle?

120531 gari robot

Takara Tomy just announced a new set of robot toys based on a fusion of the internationally famous Transformers line and GARI! GARI-Kun, a popular Japanese ice bar similar to a popsicle.


The new robot toys are appropriately named "GariRobo Transformers" since they morph from a popsicle shape into a robot version of GARI-GARI-Kun. While GARI-GARI-Kun might be unknown outside of Japan, he's very popular here. He was first introduced as the ice pop's mascot character in 1981 when it was put on the market by Akagi Nyugyo, an ice cream company based in Saitama prefecture. 

120531 gari robot 2

GariRobo Transformers will come in two 'flavors', soda (above) and cola (below). 

120531 gari robot 3

The target release date is June 30th with an expected price of 1,890 yen in Japan. No information was available regarding release of the product overseas.

This isn't the first time GARI-GARI-Kun has done joint promotions:

garigari starwars

Via: Takara Tomy GariRobo Transformers Website


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