i-SODOG Robot Dog Dances, Shakes, Understands Voice Commands, and Totally Rocks! (Video)

120614 Takara Tomy i sodog robot 75

After breaking the news last night about Takara Tomy's new i-SODOG robot dog, I was able to get more information plus a set of close-up photos and video of the awesome robot in action.

According to the Takara Tomy representatives I talked to at the Tokyo International Toy Show this afternoon, when it's released for sale in Spring 2013 the i-SODOG will include:

  • Features 15 custom servos plus a large selection of pre-programmed motions.
  • Owners will be able to build their own motion routines using the i-SOBOT style controller provided with i-SODOG.
  • The robot can be controlled using a feature rich smart phone app (iOS & Android).
  • Operating times will vary based on how active the robot is, but the company expects an average operating time of 1 hour before recharging becomes necessary.
  • i-SODOG can dance in sync with music played on your smart phone.
  • The company expects that the robot will recognize up to 50 different voice commands.
  • Basic Artificial Intelligence built into the robot will allow it to learn and change it's behavior over time just like its canine counterparts.
  • Touch sensors designed into the robot dog's head and back provide interaction. For example, it can tell when you pet it and respond accordingly.
  • The robot's nose includes a capacitive touch sensor that can transmit information between two robots when the owner touches each i-SODOG's nose.
  • i-SODOG uses the Bluetooth communications protocol.
  • The expected sales price here in Japan will be approximately 31,500 yen.
  • No official information regarding sales outside of Japan was available at this time.

Via: Breaking News: Takara Tomy Developing Robot Dog – Omnibot i-SODOG | Robots Dreams

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