Dancing With The Robot Stars (Video)

robot dancer

Don't worry about robots replacing humans on the soccer field. There's a much more preeminent threat. Dancers are about to be replaced by their android counterparts.

Wataru Yoshizaki is, without a doubt, an absolute wizard at real time control systems for humanoid robotics. I've been impressed by a lot of his work over the past couple years, especially his V-Sido robot control application.

Now he's raised the bar even higher. By expanding on the already impressive V-Sido functionality he's able to capture choreography by dancers and translate that into realistic humanoid robot movements that don't miss a beat.

Here's his latest video featuring several of the RIC series humanoid robots developed by RT Corp:

robot dancer v-sido

The dance choreography data is from Perfume, one of the top Techno-Dance groups in Japan. They've taken the unusual, and very welcome, approach of making the motion capture data of their performance freely available for download via their website (with certain usage restrictions.)

Via: V-Sido Website


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