Another NAO Robot iOS Control App: iControlNao

nao control app

About two minutes after I posted about the first iOS app for the Aldebaran NAO humanoid robot, another one popped up on my radar screen. This one, iControlNao, is by Klaus Engel and seems to have fairly similar functionality.

One significant difference, assuming I'm interpreting the app description correctly, is that iControlNao detects all the Nao robots in the vicinity and, using Bonjour, automatically connects to the one you select. The app notes also imply that it can be used with the Nao simulation software, assuming you have access to it.

Here's the introductory video from Klaus Engel:

Via: App Store - iControlNao

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  1. It’s also open source and the source code can be downloaded on the Nao developer website.

  2. Axel Perschmann

    Is the source code also available somewhere else?
    Our university has no Access to the developer website in the moment, and we’d like to use your source code as a base for our Nao Project, if allowed. :)


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