Remote Telepresence Yields Benefits in the Pet Market

robot pet skype

The vast majority of companies that have introduced remote telepresence robot solutions over the past few years have focused on business applications rather than targeting personal use. It may well be that they're missing a huge market opportunity.

Hanrob Pet Hotels in Australia has launched a new "PetSkype" service allowing owners to talk to and interact with their pets while traveling. It's a big comfort, and relief, to caring pet owners to see first hand how their pets are bearing up under the strain and dislocation of being away from home.

Hanrob had already been emailing photos and status updates to owners, but found that there was significant interest in providing them with more interaction.

In an age where it's easy and relatively inexpensive to have a video chat with associates, friends, and relatives across the globe, enabling pet owners to reap the same benefits, and comfort, was a natural next step.

Via: Hanrob Pet Hotels launch PetSkype and Robert at RoboDance

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