MakerBot TV S02E10 – Thomas Visits Bre (Video)

In this episode of MakerBot TV we'll chat with TEDx celebrity Thomas Suarez. Thomas is a 12-year-old app developer, entrepreneur and MakerBot operator. He came by the MakerBot Botfarm to chat with Bre and get a tour of the grounds. Be sure to stay tuned for the R.Maker Adventure at the end of every episode! Thank You: Thomas Suarez, Bre Pettis and Stef Shapira Thingiverse Users: ID_Johnathan 
Music: Cipher - Kevin MacLeod ( 
The Whistling Bowery Boy - Frank Kernell ( 
Intro Music - Alan Bjorklund 
Produced by Annelise Jeske and Josh Friedman
By makerbot


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