3D Printing: Test Part – KISSlicer Evaluation (Video)

After watching my previous 3D printing videos, Billy Zelsnack - creator of the low cost/high performance Printxel 3D Printer - recommended that I evaluate KISSlicer for analyzing models and generating the necessary G-codes to run the printer. My initial tests with KISSlicer were quite positive. It features a 3D display of the model, a rich feature set allowing the user to modify operating parameters, and it's extremely fast. If you input the plastic filament cost it automatically calculates the volume of material required, the estimated cost, and projected print time. Of course, I'll have to wait until my 3D printer is up and running before making any final decisions, but for now it looks like KISSlicer will be a primary part of my 3D printing tool chain.
By tempusmaster

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