King Kizer: ROBO-ONE Champion Robot headed for RoboGames (Video)

king kizer robot

I'm happy to announce that King Kizer, the awesome ROBO-ONE Champion robot created by Nao Maru, has signed up as part of the Robot Japan team for their 2012 U.S. Tour with an exclusive engagement at RoboGames, April 20th-22nd in San Mateo, California.

King Kizer took humanoid robot competition to a totally new level and inspired Japanese robot builders to ramp up their humanoid bots while accomplishing feats of speed, agility, and flexibility that was thought by experts to be impossible just a few years ago. As impressive as it seems, the video below can't begin to communicate how compellingly powerful, fast, and responsive King Kizer is in the ring.

If you are interested in humanoid robotics at all, this is your change to see King Kizer up-close & personal. Put RoboGames 2012 on your calendar now. It's going to be a total blast.

Via: MARU Family


One thought on “King Kizer: ROBO-ONE Champion Robot headed for RoboGames (Video)

  1. That is awesome! Robotics is the coolest field for me, that’s why I’m going to get my degree in it! Thank you for keeping this website packed with awesome information!

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