Kickstarter Project: RoboGames 2012 documentary

RoboGames has a new Kickstarter project to create a documentary video covering all the top events and competitors at RoboGames 2012. It's a fantastic way to enjoy all the bot on bot action if you can't get to San Mateo to experience it in person. And, even if you are present and accounted for, there is way too much going on for you to absorb and appreciate it all.

Helping to fund the documentary, and getting a copy of the DVD in return, is an excellent way to support the sport and continue to enjoy RoboGames 2012 with all your friends for years to come. It would also make a great birthday, special occasion, or Christmas gift for the robot geek in your life.

Via: RoboGames 2012 documentary by RoboGames — Kickstarter


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