Bruno Maisonnier – Aldebaran Robotics – “Humanoids to Serve All” – TEDx (Video)

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Bruno Maisonnier, the founder of Aldebaran Robotics, has a compelling vision of the future - a future that includes humanoid robots that will improve and enhance the quality of life for all. At the TEDxConcorde conference this past January, Bruno and a host of NAO robots took the stage to deliver his vision in an entrancing and surprisingly striking fashion.

Although the video of his presentation below is in French, you won't need to understand any French at all to appreciate the robots performing during the first few minutes.


It may not be obvious at first glance, but if you pay attention and watch closely you'll notice that each robot is actually listening to the music, adjusting to the beat, and if it gets out of sync or falls down, it will get up and get back into the performance in progress without missing a beat. this is a huge step forward from other canned robot dance performances you've seen in the past.

Later in the presentation, Bruno explains how he envisions humanoid robots integrating into human life in a very organic, synergistic fashion. He talks about ROMEO - a life sized humanoid currently under development that will expand and enhance the foundation laid by NAO. And he covers some of the social and organic applications of robotic technology that have already started to produce promising results in areas like autism and other significant needs.

Via: TEDxConcorde - Bruno Maisonnier - Demain, l'humanoïde au service de tous - YouTube


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