Wahoo – The Affordable Smartphone Biped Robot (Video)

biped robot

Uncle Bob (a.k.a. Robert Lam) has taught numerous humanoid robot builders how to create smooth, realistic motions, has designed a new and extremely affordable biped robot named "Wahoo".

Capable of smooth walking using only three servos, Wahoo can also be controlled by an Android based smartphone. Uncle Bob has an iOS version in the works as well.

The robot stands approximately 15 cm tall and sports an Android shaped body shell produced on a 3D printer. The servos are low-cost 9 gram types with 6 AAA batteries hidden in the robots legs. Communication with the smartphone is via Bluetooth, so it should be possible to control the robot from any Bluetooth enabled computer.

The target cost is $99, making it the lowest cost biped capable of smooth walking. The fact that the robot controller is an Arduino opens up all sorts of possibilities for education and hacking, especially since everything about the robot is open-source.

In order to get the project off the ground, to move it from the prototype stage to full production, Uncle Bob has turned to crowd-sourcing. He's created a funding campaign using indiegogo with numerous participation levels, with several that include one or more of the finished robots.

It's your chance to get one of the first Wahoo robots, get involved with humanoid robots at an entry level price, and to help Uncle Bob realize his dream of creating robots that improve the quality of human life.

Via: Wahoo - The Affordable Smartphone Biped Robot -- Indiegogo


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