ROBO-ONE Champion Robot Goes ‘Real Steel’ as ‘Real King Kizer’

real steel king kizer robot

Naoki Maru and his son have transformed their life-sized King Kizer humanoid robot into a real life version of the battling robots from Real Steel.

Inspired by the recent Real Steel movie, Nao Maru, creator of the King Kizer series of ROBO-ONE champion robots, decided to take up the challenge and equip his biggest King Kizer robot with a new master-slave system.

The result, which Maru refers to as "Real King Kizer", was unveiled to enthusiastic fans at the RoboStar Robot Festival in Osaka. The life sized humanoid robot has been equipped with a feedback system utilizing the ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE sensor, similar to the Microsoft Kinect system, that allows the robot's operator to have the robot mimic their actions real-time, including punches.

Here's the Real King Kizer in action at the RoboStar Festival:

Maru has a reputation for innovative design, especially when it comes to fighting robots. He was one of the early developers of master-slave control systems for hobby level humanoid robots.

He and his son, who typically pilots the robot during competitions, implemented a harness based master-slave system more than five years ago. While it was certainly effective, and gave them a great advantage in battle, the harness size was fixed making it difficult to accommodate pilots of different sizes.

I remember one ROBO-ONE competition where Maru unexpectedly had to wear the master-slave harness designed for his son's use. He made it work, but obviously it was binding and chaffing because it was way too small for his adult-sized body.

Since Maru's new AUSU Xtion PRO LIVE system is non-contact based, doesn't have any of those problems and can be easily calibrated for use by robot pilots of all sizes and shapes, even young children selected from the audience.

This wasn't the first time that Maru's humanoid robot creations entered the wrestling ring. A couple years ago, at the IREX 2009 robot exhibition, King Kizer took on a human pro wrestler head-to-head in the ring.

With the 20th ROBO-ONE Humanoid Robot competition coming up in Kawasaki just a few weeks from now, it will be exciting to see what Maru has up his sleeve.

Via: MARU Family


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