DARwiN-OP Advanced Humanoid Robot Gets New Feet (Video)

robotis robot feet

The already awesome DARwin-OP humanoid robot just got better. Robotis, the manufacturer of most of the servos, electronics, and hardware that goes into DARwin-op, announced the release of new force sensing feet.

The new feet include built-in force sensing resistors (FSR), and comes pre-assembled as a unit with hinge frames and covers. According to Robotis, swapping DARwin's existing feet with the new foot design should be very straight forward.

Each foot contains 4 FSR sensors with a range of 0.493-65.535 N and are sold as a pair. The feet use TTL communication and can be daisy chained with the DARwin-OP. Robotis has also made available a basic library to monitor the output of each sensor on a real-time basis.

As impressive as this new functionality is, it won't come cheap. FSRs are typically a bit pricey. The Robotis Shop webpage shows the feet listed at $449.90, and also states that they are currently "sold out".

Via: ROBOTIS - Closer to reaL..

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