Humanoid Robot in Training for Ice Hockey’s Stanley Cup (Video)

120211 robot ice hockey Edit

With humanoid robots already well on their way to challenge humans on the soccer field it was only a matter of time before they strapped on skates and took to the ice.

Naturally enough, the first group to make a serious attempt at humanoid robot ice hockey was the Autonomous Agents Laboratory at the University of Manitoba, which in addition to their robotics expertise also has been blessed by nature with an overabundance of winter weather perfect for the sport.

They're not just playing around. The robot ice hockey application was developed as their entry into the ICRA 2012 DARwin-OP Humanoid Application Challenge, sponsored by Robotis. The Challenge features some great prizes including a complete DARwin-OP, LabVIEW Robotices Software, and Webots Pro going to the 1st Place winner.

Via: Humanoid Robot Ice Hockey Player - YouTube


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