Giant Shopping Robot Invades Texas (Video)

120206 robot vending machine Edit

It looks more like a vending machine on steroids, but the "robotic convenience store" concept from Shop24 Global seems to fill a real customer void, especially for urgent or spur of the moment items you need in a hurry.

The latest Shop24 installation is coming up soon at the Ladera Palms Apartment Homes complex in Fort Worth, Texas. Residents will be able to purchase a wide range of items - everything from candy to condoms and more - around the clock without having to get in their car or travel. The only thing more convenient would be if the robot store featured a bedside delivery option.


Interesting to note that the video was captured with an iPhone and processed/edited using iMovie.

Via: Robotic Convenience Store to be Installed at Apartment Community | Multi-Housing News Online


2 thoughts on “Giant Shopping Robot Invades Texas (Video)

  1. You don’t know what a robot is if you put that dumb machine amongst the robots here.
    It is just typical American thinking sloth and getting.

    1. Well Robert, I guess your pretty picky with what you consider a robot. I guess you can also with that line of thinking eliminate all articles relating to R/C Sumo (human controlled), RoboONE (human controlled), Robot Combat (really just armored R/C cars), or for that matter any artifact that is claimed to be a “robot” that doesn’t have some kind of external sensor or preprogrammed intelligence.

      I for one have a pretty open mind as to what can be considered robotic. This device is doing what a much larger warehouse robot would do.

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