Femaie Android Looking For A Valentines Date In Tokyo (Video)

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It looks like Tomio Sugiura isn't the only robot designer working to apply robotics to fashion marketing. Professor Ishiguro, famous for aggressively testing the boundaries of the Uncanny Valley effect, has installed his Geminoid-F life sized female android in a display window at the Takashimaya department store in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo.


Ishiguro is excellent at gathering attention, sometimes with creations that shock or creep people out, which is great for promotion and attracting investment, but will his approach prove effective at selling clothes?

Personally, I'm skeptical. In my opinion, customers have to envision themselves wearing the item on sale. In that respect, they tend to prefer more neutral displays that they can project onto. That's one reason that Barbie and Hello Kitty continue to be wildly popular for decades.

The sweet spot for animated mannequins may lay further to the robot side of the Uncanny Valley spectrum than Ishiguro assumes. It will be interesting to see how these experiments evolve.

Via: Geminoid-F Android Waits for a Friend in a Tokyo Department Store - DigInfo TV


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