BarBot 2012 -Where Robots Get Drunk Enough to Dance the “Human”

bar robot

'In a world where robots and humans struggle together in the fight against boredom... Only one event ends up with the robots dancing "The Human" while the meat puppets (you) end up singing the praises of RoboBartenders.'

BarBot 2012, the 5th annual festival of Cocktail Robotics, is coming up the evenings of March 2nd & 3rd  at the pariSoma Innovation Loft in San Francisco. Doors open to the public at 8:00 pm. Advance tickets are $10 you can pay $15 at the door.

Needless to say, carbon-based humanoid attendees have to be 21 or over with photo ID. Robots and androids won't be carded.

Via: BarBot 2012

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