Applying Robotics To Fashion Marketing

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Sugiura Machine Design Office's innovative work applying robotics to fashion marketing via their Hina and Hina-Co animated and interactive display mannequins will be featured tomorrow (February 2, 2012) on the TV-Tokyo economic news program "MPlus 9".

The segment, scheduled for broadcast at 8:56 am, will include interviews with Tomio Sugiura, a leading Japanese designer of automated systems including state of the art wind turbines and other complex electromechanical devices. Sugiura is also well known as the creator of Dynamizer, the ROBO-ONE champion humanoid robot.

Via: Sugiura Machine Design Office

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One comment

  1. I met the guy at IREX last year. This is really cool, and they paid attention to make it as easy as possible for the shop to use it. Like the main body is actually the same as standard mannequins.

    I really hope we’ll start to see these things in trendy shops this year, and make main stream in the next few years to see your clothes moving when shopping.

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