AESSBot’11 – Premiere Robot Gathering in Spain (Video)

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When it comes to robots, most of people's attention automatically focuses on the work being done in the US and Japan, but there is tremendous excitement, energy, and activity taking place around the world in countries that don't usually make it into the limelight.

A great example is Spain where major robot events like AESSBot feature the latest robotic technology, top level competitors, and draw huge crowds. AESSBot'11 was the 14th staging of Spain's premiere robot event and thanks to Mundo Friki you can get a taste for why it's become so popular.

Be sure to check out the interview with Toni Ferrate, founder and CEO at towards the end of the video. It's easy to see how passionate he is about robotics.

Mundo Friki - AESSBOT 2011 from Mundo Friki on Vimeo.



Via: AESSBot'11

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