7th Annual Robot American Football Competition (Video)

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I didn't manage to get down to Yokohama last weekend for the 7th Annual Robot American Football competition, but luckily my friend Patric was able to go and shared the video below.

The Robot American Football initiative started seven years ago when FSI, a major Japanese software and systems developer, was looking for ways to re-energize the popular Robot Sumo competitions.

By adapting some of the same technology, including powerful motors, battery packs, R/C control systems, and rugged design, they created what has turned out to be one of the fastest action robot competitions.

In the process they rekindled interest in engineering and design as a compelling career choice for students in high school and college.

Via: Robot American Football Competition 2012


One thought on “7th Annual Robot American Football Competition (Video)

  1. Sounds really interesting, but I can’t imagine that it is just a little bit close to real American Football. It’d be pretty funny to watch tho!

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