Robot Yuenchi Announces High Performance Custom ROBO-ONE Competiton Robot Kit (Video)

120121 ROBO ONE Robot Custom 10

The Robot Yuenchi group organizes robot events and competitions including the popular Robot Athlete Cup series that started almost five years ago. While the primary robot type featured in their events are humanoids like the Kyosho MANOI and Kondo KHR series, they also promote other types of robots including competitions that have multi-legged bots playing Beach Flag - a variation of the Capture the Flag game we played as kids.

In order to stimulate even more interest in robotics, and with the 10th anniversary ROBO-ONE 20 competition coming up this March, Robot Yuenchi announced a new high performance humanoid robot kit that will go on sale in February.

The new kit, based on the popular Kondo KHR-3HV, takes an already high performance humanoid robot and soups it up to compete at the ROBO-ONE championship level.

120121 ROBO ONE Robot Custom 5

Shibata shows off the new KHR-3HV Complete ROBO-ONE Custom model (right) and the stock Kondo KHR-3HV (left). The new robot looks a little shorter in the photo primarily because of its fighting posture.

120121 ROBO ONE Robot Custom 4

Custom aluminum brackets and an innovative hip design enable the humanoid to do the splits. That might not seem impressive, but turns out to be an extremely useful move in the heat of battle. The robot also has full waist rotation enabling it to swing round house punches with its full weight behind its fist.

120121 ROBO ONE Robot Custom 2

Primary design contributors to the ROBO-ONE Custom robot include Ohtsuka-san - a top ROBO-ONE competitor and the head of the championship KondoCup Robot Soccer team Bamboo Bridge, Shibata-san - a key member of the design team for the Kondo KHR-3HV and Kyosho MANOI humanoid robots, and others.

120121 ROBO ONE Robot Custom 15

Ohtsuka-san explains some of the hot features he added to the KHR-3HV to Kondo-san.

Here's a look at the hot-rod robot in action:

Some of the key features of the ROBO-ONE Custom Robot Kit include:

  • Special aluminum frames for expanded leg, hip, and waist motions.
  • Battle proven motion routines developed by Ohtsuka-san and other ROBO-ONE competitors.
  • Normal and Battle operating modes - switchable under software and remote control.
  • Special LED mode indicators - Green for Normal, Red for Battle mode.

Via: Robot Yuenchi website


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