Robot Competition Spawns Unique New Designs (Video)

120118 TicTac 6 Robot 1

Iketomu-san, who publishes the great Biped Robot News Japan blog, was able to participate in the 5th KondoLand Multi-Legged Robot Obstacle Race competition held January 8th in Akihabara. The unusual competition features hazards including a large seesaw, moving wall robots that attempt to block or push the competitor off the course, a conveyor belt running against the direction the competitor needs to go, and a swirling whirlpool of styrofoam packing peanuts.

The competition has been going for long enough that some of the builders have started to optimize their robot designs to deliver the best performance over the obstacle course. One that really stood out to me was Amino-san's new TicTac6 robot.

Amino-san, well known as the designer of Toku-Toku Maru, the ROBO-ONE champion humanoid robot with incredible style, came up with a robot for the Kondo competition that's hard to classify in a traditional sense. It has six "feet", so it might be a hexapod, but it doesn't seem to have six independent legs, and it only uses three servos.

Take a look at Iketomu's video of TicTac 6 from the KondoLand competition and let me know how you would categorize the robot:




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