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2009 Lizland SF 3

I first met Liz Mamorsky at RoboGames 2008 when she entered the ArtBot category with some of her amazing robot creations. Needless to say, we hit it off immediately and have been good friends ever since.

2009 Lizland SF 13

All of her robot sculptures have a distinct, and immediately recognizable personality. Although our brains know logically that they are made up of scrap electronics, our eyes and our hearts seem to connect with them on an emotional level that ignores all cold, dry reasoning and logic.

2009 Lizland SF 34

Her artwork, whether it takes the shape of a dog, a horse, or a human, seems to reach out to us, often as if it was laughing at us.

2009 Lizland SF a 22

2009 Lizland SF a 33

There is nothing scary or frightening at her Lizland Studio in San Francisco, no 'uncanny valley'. Just the pure joy, emotion, and celebration of life that bubbles uncontrollably whenever Liz is around.

2009 Lizland SF a 29

Where others see scrap or recycling, Liz sees design and inspiration. She loves tearing down circuit boards and assemblies into component pieces so that they can be repurposed, reborn, bringing smiles and joy people that experience her work.

2009 Lizland SF a 24

Just like her creations, the Lizland Studio embodies her style, enthusiasm, and character.

2009 Lizland SF a 27

There is no doubt whatsoever that this studio, this space, is a reflection and an extension of Liz herself.

2009 Lizland SF a 30

That's not to say that her works are childish in any way. Some of them incorporate more of an adult character, albeit in a somewhat subtle fashion.

2009 Lizland SF a 44



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