Sphere Morphing Hexapod Robot (Video)

sphere hexapod robot

It would be easy to get a bit jaded about robots to the point that you think, "I've seen that before. No big deal." But, every once in a while a robot design comes along that is just so amazingly cool that it takes your breath away.

You either think, "Hey, I want one of those!", or "Why didn't I think of that first?". Sometimes you think both of them at the same time.

The MorpHex robot design is one of those 'amazingly cool' designs that immediately had my mouth watering. Imagine a large ball shaped robot that can transform itself into a hexapod and walk around, dance, and interact with its environment, then retract itself into an almost completely closed sphere.

It isn't going to be really cheap - the initial prototype design utilizes 25 servos along with custom linkages and body shells.

(Via: Zenta:)


One thought on “Sphere Morphing Hexapod Robot (Video)

  1. Hi~ I am republic of korean. I am not well speak English. I wish you understand. I like hexapod robots. It is very interesting.
    I wish i make your hexapod robot. What kinf of modeling tool? I am Beginner. Ha ha~~I want slowly learn. So what is your recommended reading?
    Hey~I think you genius!! I expectation your answer.

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