Shibata Challenges Edoga To Mech Warfare Hardcore at RoboGames 2012 (Video)

rocket robots

Yoshihiro Shibata was totally amazed when he witnessed the Mech Warfare Hardcore competition staged during RoboGames 2011 in California. The idea that robot designers could battle with rocket equipped humanoids was something beyond his imagination.

He decided immediately that as soon as he arrived back in Japan work would start on a new robot specifically designed to literally blow the competition away. He set his sights on Che Edoga's rocket wielding female robot that took the gold medal (see video below).

Now, four months before RoboGames 2012 kicks off in April, he feels confident enough to lay down a serious challenge to Edoga.

Mech Warfare Hardcore - RoboGames 2011
Hi No Hikari vs. Terminator TX 0.000000001 alpha

Shibata's Challenge to Edoga:

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  1. hahah thats my mech getting klobbered in blue!
    if MechWarfare hXc is on for next year, may Shibata-san be warned that he will also have to face a TX 0.000000001 beta, who will have improved stability, and a non jamming bb gun!

  2. Mech Warfare hXc is most definitely on in 2012. I’m entering a quad into the running as well.

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