Shapeways My Keepon Robot Challenge

keepon robot challenge

Shapeways, the NYC based start-up that provides a way for creators to manifest their concepts as real world 3D products, announced the "Shapeways My Keepon Challenge":

"Given our obsession with the toy, we wanted to give the Shapeways community an opportunity to win a My Keepon for your own late night jam sessions. So we've teamed up with the creators for what we are dubbing "The Shapeways My Keepon Challenge.

Design an accessory for My Keepon (anything goes so long as we can print it!) and the winner with the most creatively awesome add-on will win a My Keepon, a print of his or her accessory, and a $50 Shapeways gift certificate.

A joint team of BeatBots, Wow! Stuff, and Shapeways will be judging the entries.  From the My Keepon team, we're excited to have as judges Dr. Marek Michalowski and Dr. Hideki Kozima of BeatBots; and Dr. Graeme Taylor and Richard North of Wow! Stuff."



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