ROBOTISCHANNEL Publishes DARwIn-OP Tutorial Series (Video)

DARwin-OP robot

Robotis, one of the key R&D collaborators for the DARwIn-OP humanoid robot project, and the supplier of most of the standard hardware used for the robot, has started publishing an excellent series of basic tutorials via the ROBOTISCHANNEL on YouTube.

The first five videos in the basic tutorial series cover everything, step by step, from how to power up and power down the robot, through color calibration.

Basic Tutorial 1 - Power On/Off:

Basic Tutorial 2 - Running the Demonstration Programs:

Basic Tutorial 3 - Changing the Battery:

Basic Tutorial 4 - Connecting to DARwIn-OP:

Basic Tutorial 5 - Color Calibration:

You'll definitely want to subscribe to the ROBOTISCHANNEL so that you don't miss any new tutorial videos.

Via: ROBOTISCHANNEL's Channel - YouTube


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