Interesting Robot Job Opportunity in Chicagoland

Trossen Robotics, one of the leading online hobby robot distributors and developers, wants to expand their staff and is searching for the right person. It looks like a great entry level opportunity for someone that has the right skill set, energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for robotics.

"Trossen Robotics is looking to add another member to the team. The optimal applicant will be able to handle very very long hours, extremely sarcastic work environments, have a diverse skill set (IE: customer service skills are as good as engineering skills), readily tackle challenging projects, and be able to hold their own in Halo Firefight."

Check out the full job description at the Trossen website post below:

Via: We are Hiring! Job Title: Roboticist Apprentice Extraordinaire « Trossen Robotics Blog


2 thoughts on “Interesting Robot Job Opportunity in Chicagoland

  1. Not sure I like the very very long hours part .. not to mention that such was the first thing mentioned. That’s a bit scary and wreaks of burnout and gray hair before the age of 30. Even if it is working with the coolest hobby robot tech there is .. I think I’d rather be a janitor than go through what this ad may imply. Too many horror stories there! Anyone recall the stories of EA?

    Other than that though .. it sounds like the potential dream job for anyone who loves robots as much as we all do. Too bad I already work at Microsoft.

  2. “…and be able to hold their own in Halo Firefight.”
    There is where your long hours are going to be. I’d take a try at it, but I’m not a mmorpg gamer.

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