San Francisco Day One – November 2011

Nothing to do directly with robots or robotics, but I happen to be in San Francisco on business this week and thought I would share a few photos.

111128 Borders History 1

The Borders store next to Union Square in San Francisco used to be one of my favorite hangouts, and always made a significant dent in my wallet. Now it's just an empty shell undergoing redecoration with no indication of who the next tenant will turnout to be.

111128 Bug Killer 1

The Terminix bug killer mascot must have a nickname, but unfortunately I can't remember what it might have been.

111128 corner building 1

I should block out a few days just to photograph some of San Francisco's wonderful architecture. Maybe when I come back over in April.

111128 Designer Jeans 1

San Francisco has some of the most stylishly dressed homeless people I've seen in a long time.

111128 loris diner 1

Lori's Diner at the San Francisco Airport is where I typically chow down before boarding flights back to Japan.

111128 Loris Sutter 1

This Lori's Diner is located right at the intersection of Powell and Sutter, just up the hill from Union Square.

111128 Edsel 1

A classic Edsel takes up a lot of space inside Lori's, but sets the tone perfectly.

111128 Loris Cycle 1

111128 Tired Feet Happy Spirit 1

111128 Hungry Christmas 1


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