2 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE Cheerleader Hina

  1. I’ve noticed that quite a few robot builders, primarily Japanese builders, like to dress up their creations in costumes. I don’t get it. Nor do I understand utilizing dolls’ heads, skulls, or pumpkins as robots’ heads. To me, all that stuff is bizarre, and has nothing to do with robotics. Luckily for them, robots aren’t self-aware yet, or they would probably want to know why their creators are trying to humiliate them.

    1. I “dress up” my robot…I also put a doll head on it. I suppose for me it is the difference between engineering and art. Sure there are plenty of people who create beautiful robots that don’t have any of that…and that is their perogative. I started making clothes for my robot because that is one more challenge. Making clothing that doesn’t interfere with the operation of the robot is quite challenging in fact. Try it sometime. Also, as for heads, a lot of humanoid competitions specify that the robot must have a head…In my case it is a hollowed out doll head with a camera in it…Others use teddy bear heads, or skulls…Really it comes down to personal preference.

      Finally…There is something to putting on a good show. think of a puppet…do you really want to go to a puppet show where all the puppets are naked and look exactly the same?

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