Ng Beng Kiat Nails The 2011 All Japan Micromouse Competition (Video)


Ng Beng Kiat is literally The Wizard when it comes to micromouse robotics. Yesterday at the 2011 All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition in Tsukuba, Japan he proved, once again, that he's the man to beat. HIs full size micro mouse robot entry, named Min7.1 blazed through the maze course in 3.921 seconds, which I believe is a new record. Breaking the 4 second barrier, something no one would have believed possible a few years ago. It's tantamount to Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile barrier.


He also captured second place in the Half Size Micromouse Robot event with his Ning5 robot clocking 5.675 seconds, and 22nd in the RoboTrace event with Ning3 at 52.497 seconds.


(Via Ng Beng Kiat's Homepage.)


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