Heavy Duty Truck Transformer Robot (Video)

111103 Robot Truck Transformer

It's been a while since Richard Heene has been in the news, but he's back, firing on all cylinders, and pumping what he claims to be a heavy duty truck transformer robot that features everything a truck driving craftsman could ever dream of, with the possible exception of a built-in bar, though anything is possible. Heene's promotional video (see below), which reminds me a lot of Cal Worthington in his TV commercial heyday, lays it all out for you.

According to Heene's website, the heavy duty truck transformer robot has four work stations, over a ton of lifting capacity, a lumber rack, hand truck, rolling platforms, and even transforms into a picnic bench.

The video would be hilarious, if the product didn't appear so attractive and useful. I'd seriously consider trying one out, if I lived Stateside and owned a truck.

Wondering why Heene's name sounds so familiar? Simple. He's the father of the infamous "Balloon Boy".

(Via Heene Truck Transformer.)


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