Panasonic Shampoo Robot at CEATEC 2011 (Video)

panasonic robot shampoo

Thinking about the definition and perception of a 'robot', Moriyama's CEATEC video (see below) of the Panasonic 'robot' that was designed to shampoo patients hair triggered the question, "Is a car wash a robot?"

I suppose, in some sense, a car wash is a robot in that it utilizes control systems and closed loop feedback to accomplish tasks that either humans don't want to do or can be more effectively performed by mechanized and automated systems.

Does that make it, or Panasonic's automated hair shampoo machine, a robot? Certainly not in the way that the public envisions robots like Data from Star Trek. Does calling it a robot make the device any more interesting, exciting, marketable, or profitable? Would you stop and be entranced by the movements and technology exhibited at your local car wash?



(Via K. Moriyama - Science Writer website.)


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